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Referring to Kelsey’s post, I wanted to tell you about an amazing experience I had on City and Colour concert this Thursday. It was actually a pretty relieving concert to me, as I could get away from some of the problems I am facing right now.

I could only afford the cheapest ticket (and I bought it so long ago I almost forgot about the concert!), so I was watching the concert from the highest balcony on the right of the stage. At some point Dallas Green excused himself for 2 minutes because he cut his finger. When he left, the noise increased from the audience, and I could see mobile screen lights coming up one by one. It looked really amazing, a sight comparable only to looking at a light bug-ridden trees in a warm Indian night.

That’s not all though. Everyone went on doing their stuff until Mr. Green came back. But even then a lot of people were taking pictures and some of the lights down there indicated that people are recording the show. The concert ended, but then Green came back for an encore. When he came back he requested everyone to switch off their electronic devices. He said he was not taking the slightest offence in people twitting, recording, taking photos, or facebooking, but ” sometimes we are so engrossed in recording the moment to have it forever, that we are not really experiencing it and it’s lost forever”.

And then something amazing happened that can happen ONLY in Canada. And maybe Sweden. People actually DID switch their things off!!! I counted maybe 5 devices on.

That got me thinking. Are we really trying to record things so desperately that we miss the moment? I know I missed half of a sarod concert (Amjad Ali Khan and his sons) because I was playing with my camera trying to take a panoramic photo and then recording a video.

Do you also experience things like that? You want to keep moments, but they are gone because you want to keep them?


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  1. Wow what an amazing quote!! It really made me think. I know I personally feel that either I and someone else should be taking pictures at special events, but how many minutes do we waste of our valuable time in that special moment fiddling with the camera?? Of course I still feel that a few pictures to “remember the moment” should be taken, but some nights I feel that that is all we do! I am going to try to live in the moment rather than trying to capture the memory of the moment from now on more often.

  2. Hi Anna – I was at the City and Colour Concert too! Did you get to see the opening band, The Low Anthem? They did something very interesting with technology (check out my blog). I do agree with that idea, that we are so busy trying to capture the moment, that we aren’t fully experiencing it. I know for myself, having children, I used to be the mom with the camera, trying to record all their childhood experiences, and then I would feel like I was missing out on them to a degree. I have loosened up on that over the years and while I don’t have as many pictures for the scrapbook, I feel I am able to be more present and enjoy the moments more.

  3. First off, I gotta say that I find it interesting that many of your posts are in response to other people’s posts.

    Next, I say yes. I agree that we spend so much time worrying about capturing the moment that we forget to live in it. I realized this over the past two years when I began traveling abroad. At one point in Jamaica I was in a tiny boat in the ocean with about 10 other people, and two dolphins began to swim beside our boat. I was so concerned about getting it on film (which I failed miserably at) so that I could show everyone back home, that I really didn’t get to see them at all. I totally missed the incredible opportunity in front of me.

    But once you get caught up in the online world of facebook and other media, where you feel the need to share the events of your life, it is easy to become obsessed with capturing every moment to share with others. It sounds creepy and self-centered like that, but I think a lot of our generation can attest to getting caught up in it.

    I’ve come to believe that the precious moments in life are way more enjoyable without a camera in my hands.

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